Minister Nik Lewis


Minister Nik Lewis (they/them) is minister of music and worship leader at Sanctuary International Fellowship Tabernacle - SIFT. They identify as non-binary agender, asexual, and are in current discovery as to just where they fall on the aromantic spectrum, all of which lends to their unique perspectives as a queer Christian. A 2016 graduate of Wingate University with concentrations in English and Technical Writing, Minister Lewis has spent much of their adult life expressing themselves through words. Their popular blog, Nik Fits, explores devotional and theological ideas through nerdy themes such as K-Pop and anime, reaching others with like interests as they talk on important spiritual themes. They have also been a featured guest on the Kingdom Now podcast.

A lover of music, Minister Lewis sings, leads worship, and writes their own music. They also teach and lead services at Sanctuary International Fellowship Tabernacle - SIFT as part of the leadership team. They are currently a seminary student through Apostolic University Seminary, in training to embrace their call as a prophet. With a comforting and encouraging presence, Minister Lewis is currently assisting to form the first intercessory team for the church as well as a long-term program for prophets.

With vision to one day minister, write, travel, and perform music full-time, Minister Lewis remains consistent and dedicated to creating an atmosphere conducive for discussion, encouragement, safe space, and life with their followers.

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"Two things that can really shatter binaries in general are sin and grace. There's no sin that's worse than the other, there's no, like worst sinner or like a good sinner or whatever, that just doesn't exist. Sin is sin. So that's not a binary in and of itself. But there's also grace, which doesn't discriminate. And you know, while grace can be bestowed upon, like a little kid who maybe has just fibbed to their parents, it can also be bestowed upon, like a serial murderer...because Christ died for everyone. That's not something we like to think about, because it's uncomfortable. We don't like to think about Jesus embracing everyone, as much as we say that, but that's what God does."

Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten. (Lilo and Stitch)

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