Apostle Dr. Lee Ann B. Marino


Dr. Lee Ann B. Marino, Ph.D., D.Min., D.D. (she/her) is “everyone’s favorite theologian” leading Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z with expertise in leadership training, queer and feminist theology, general religion, and apostolic theology. A graduate of Apostolic Preachers College, Dr. Marino has served in ministry since 1998 and was ordained as a pastor in 2002 and an apostle in 2010. She founded what is now Spitfire Apostolic Ministries in 2004. Under her ministry heading Dr. Marino is founder and overseer of Sanctuary International Fellowship Tabernacle – SIFT (the original home of National Coming Out Sunday) and Chancellor of Apostolic Covenant Theological Seminary.

Affectionately nicknamed "the Spitfire," Dr. Marino has spent over two decades as an “apostle, preacher, and teacher” (2 Timothy 1:11), exercising her personal mandate to become “all things to all people” (1 Corinthians 9:22). Her embrace of spiritual issues (both technical and intimate) has found its home among both seekers and believers, those who desire spiritual answers to today’s issues.

Dr. Marino has preached throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, and Europe in hundreds of religious services and experiences throughout the years. A history maker in her own right, she has spent over two decades in advocacy, education, and work for and within minority spiritual communities (including African American, Hispanic, and LGBTQ+). She has also served as the first woman on all-male synods, councils, and panels, as well as the first preacher or speaker welcomed of a different race, sexual orientation, or identity among diverse communities. Today, Dr. Marino’s work extends to over one hundred countries as she hosts the popular Kingdom Now podcast, which is in the top twenty percentile of all podcasts worldwide. She is also the author of over thirty books and the popular Patheos column, Leadership on Fire. To date, she has had four bestselling titles within their subject matter: Understanding Demonology, Spiritual Warfare, Healing, and Deliverance: A Manual for the Christian Minister; Ministry School Boot Camp: Training for Helps Ministries, Appointments, and Beyond; Surrounded By So Great a Cloud of Witnesses: Women of Faith Who Revolutionized History; and Ministering to LGBTQs – and Those Who Love Them.

As a public icon and social media influencer, Dr. Marino advocates for healthy body image (curvy/full-figured), queer representation (as a demisexual/aromantic), and albinism awareness, as a model. Known to those she works with, she is spiritual mom, teacher, leader, professor, confidant, and friend. She continues to transform, receiving new teaching, revelation, and insight in this thing we call “ministry.” Through years of spiritual growth and maturity, Dr. Marino stands as herself, here to present what God has given to her for any who have an ear to hear.

Her main website is https://kingdompowernow.org.

"Here's to rising again. Dying to new things, and then rising, yet again. And again, and again. And here's to the community that helps us go down, come back up again, and dies and rises with us."

Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten. (Lilo and Stitch)

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